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hello newgrounds.

2011-04-10 19:57:12 by awesomewhitegold

what should i do?

Class 13 log: Day 1

2010-01-04 23:43:09 by awesomewhitegold

Hey everyone, and I mean the few people that frequent this page. As you can see, I'm gonna create a log for class 13 every day until its finished. That is, the days that i work on it. ;)

I will be submitting a swf. Every day of the work that i did on my toon, so i can get criticism While I'm making the cartoon and improve while I go. That way it will be the best that it can be when it goes on the portal.

So people, criticize the FUCK out of this shit. I mean, Fuck its ass with criticism. and I dont care what kind of criticism. it can be spam, or fucking hate comments, or spammy hate comments. Anything to fuel the fire!!!

So the log starts with this shit ass toon. instructions inside. View and crit please!

Day 1

Oh, and the name class 13 is not the name of the project. I'm open for suggestions for the toon, as class 13 s just a placeholder.

p.s check out OnionsXD's and Cristo's pages, theyre real cool guys.

Wheres stalagmite?

2009-12-28 14:06:00 by awesomewhitegold

yo, everyone. I've been having a rough time contacting my good friend stalagmite. hes one of our main voice actors, and also a good friend. then it came to my attention, that on one of ForNoReasons Posts, he posted a comment saying he wasnt going on newgrounds anymore, and that he was going over to deviantart. so, if anyone could help me out, and tell me his username for deviantart and the such, so we can still stay in touch. thanks!

oh, and production on class 13 is going smoothly. thats also one of the things i need to find him for; he is one of the writers for class 13!

so, any help would be fine. kthnxbai!

Thank You everyone!!

2009-12-02 12:31:56 by awesomewhitegold

I would just like to thank everyone yesterday for voting and watching the cartoon that me, OnionsXD, and Cristo made recently. without you guys, we couldnt have made this possible! all of us at flaming skull inc. are so excited to be getting our first award. you guys are the best! we would love getting more support and criticism, so please drop by our cartoon pages and tell us what we need to improve on!

I'm also working on a new series called CLASS 13, which is in development as we speak, and will NOT be random like man man. we're done with the random stuff. From now on, nothing but high quality flashes.

so, till next time, heres a pic of the main characters in class 13, see you later!

Thank You everyone!!

1.he always wears a round hat.

2.has a pee pod.

3.if he doesnt agree with you, he'll say "you on crack!

4.picks on his brother

5.he is supreme ruler of the fish face and the grr face.

6.says "gosh darnit"

7.owns at computers and guitar.

8.only draws skulls.

9.never responds to his pm's.

10.invented the phrase "chill your pickles"


12.likes being louis on L4D

13.likes picking up his dog taytom.

14.he calls gara from naruto PEANUT MAN!

15.makes great ideas for cartoons, but never creates them.

16."sorty butt face!"

17."i fuckin hate you all."

18.really likes spongebob

19.go rammy!

20.mostly figures out things on his own.

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